Friday, December 17, 2004

The 2004 Koufax (Best Blog) Awards!

Well, heck. If big boy bloggers Kos and MyDD are brazen enough to rally their minions to receive nominations for The 2004 Koufax (Best Blog) Awards, why can't we? (On the presumption that we may actually have minions to rally, of course.)

As The BRAD BLOG only fired up our muckraking keyboard in January of '04, we weren't even aware such awards existed until a day or so ago, but we are delighted to see that a few of you have already nominated us in a few different categories!

So...if you are inclined and -- with no humility whatsover -- might we submit to you The BRAD BLOG for your consideration...

(Categories include)
Best Blog, Best Writing, Best Post, Best Series, Best Single Issue Blog, Most Humorous Blog, Most Humorous Post, Most Deserving of Wider Recognition, Best Expert Blog, Best New Blog, Best Commenter

...It looks like a few folks have already nominated BRAD BLOG for "Best Single Issue Blog" for our coverage of "Grand Theft America" (though we never really meant to be a "Single Issue Blog" until the forces of nature seem to have propelled us in that direction beginning, oh, sometime around 4am on Nov. 3rd or so!), and for "Best Series" in regards to our Clint Curtis reportage and even for our exposure of the "White House Website Scrubbing" scandal!

And The BRAD BLOG even received a few for "Best New Blog" and "Most Deserving of Wider Recognition"!

It is, as they say, an honor "just to be nominated". :-)


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