Tuesday, December 07, 2004

D.C. Ethics/Law Group Working with Curtis!

The BRAD BLOG has learned that a D.C. Ethics watchdog group has met with, and is now investigating the claims made by Clint Curtis in an affidavit [PDF] that we released exclusively here yesterday.

According to a spokesperson Naomi Selligman of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), Curtis was referred to the group by aides on Capitol Hill after they recieved and reviewed Curtis' affidavit.

From Selligman's email to BRAD BLOG:

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), www.citizensforethics.org is a legal watchdog group dedicated to ensuring integrity in public officials through the legal system. Recently, CREW wrote the complaint filed by Congressman Chris Bell against Leader Tom DeLay, for which DeLay was later admonished by the House Ethics Committee.

Seligman confirmed the email by phone, and has informed The BRAD BLOG that Republican Majority Leader Tom Delay has since sought to have CREW found in contempt of Congress for their role in having drafted the complaint against him.


Blogger Unknown said...

Hey Brad; I am an old-timer from the cointelpro days; just a thought; Where is this Curtis fellow. Shouldn't someone put him somewhere safe? You can always count on moir to be skeptical, especially after Dan Rather getting "Roved." But if this guy really has something, he had better not be in Florida (Jebistan)

One question; why is the type face or whatever different on down the afadavit from the first few pages? That concerns me.

Do I recall that Naomi Seligman was one of the lead attorneys and spokes- people for the great team of Lawyers in New York City for the RNC protests? The name sounds familiar.

Has anyone heard from Elsberg regarding this yet? Seems like the entire Blogosphere has exploded.

Steady as you go, my man. Take it easy. Remember we are talking about Jebistan here, not Ohio. If Madsen is right and correct, these guys have 29 million is loose change lying around. With that much money and the right contacts, you could make the entire state of Florida disappear and blame it on Osama, Super Arab. Let's make damn sure that the light at the end on the Tunnell, that we so long to see, is not really Karl Rove riding a cruise missle.

12/07/2004 6:19 PM  
Blogger BradF said...

Curtis, I am told, is in "a secure location".

The final page of the Affidavit is a different color, pixellation because it was scanned on "automatic mode" and while the first pages were B&W, the last one was signed with a purple pen that seems to have kicked the scanner into color mode.

When it was sent to me that way, I knew it would be an unnecessary distraction, so I asked to have it resent. The person doing the scanning didn't know how to change it, and then had to get to a meeting about all of this. Hence, the odd fourth page.

The folks at the Judiciary Committee, and now at CREW have copies of the original signed, notarized affidavit.

I've asked the CREW folks to try and post *their* version of it, just to put to bed *that* part of the controversy, since it's a silly distraction.

There is much else to look into and be skeptical about, but that is not one of them. Unless the implication is that there is no such person as Clint Curtis (which, obviously, there is).

If the affidavit was a "fake", I suppose Mr. Curtis would have come out and said so by now, seeing as it's sworn under penalty of perjury!

12/07/2004 8:16 PM  

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