Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Note from Brad...[UPDATED AGAIN!]

Our DSL service is back! Catching up with much at this time!

As mentioned previously, YEI has now released a full statement on the Curtis charges. This statement follows up two short previous ones which we've already spoken to in some detail here.

We are currently working on a response to their newest charges, including hard documentary evidence contradicting several of their claims and we hope to have that reponse posted here this evening.

As always, however, we are doing our best to cross whichever i's and whatever t's possible in the research we are able to do concerning the matter. So that response may be released here tomorrow instead. We'll see.

For now, however, please see the article posted this morning on Mr. Hai Lin Nee (a/k/a Henry Lee) for a few details which already contradict a portion of YEI's statement. As mentioned, we will be posting hard evidence to back up some of those claims as soon as I am able to complete the promised response.

Thanks as always for your patience and support...and God Bless America.


Blogger maipenri@yahoo.com said...

How interesting that you would be having DSL problem.
What a coincidence! (not!) Anyway -- have you seen
the response that Blackwell sent The House Judiciary
Committee? Go to: http://www.house.gov/judiciary_democrats/ohblackwellresp121404.pdf

12/14/2004 1:19 PM  
Blogger Kara said...

In the meantime, you can listen to streaming audio of Curtis Clinton's testimony Dec. 13 at: http://www.solutionassoc.com/truthfire/blog/

12/14/2004 1:30 PM  
Blogger maipenri@yahoo.com said...

And now this from www.breakfornews.com: (huge sigh)
Ohio Activist Followed and Run off the Road
"Each encouraging word is like a block of strength right now. Last night I was returning from Columbus and was scared out of my mind. First I've been getting calls from a man that has been able to tell me each and every place I've been or roads I've been traveling on (a group of 3 other women heard this while driving me to meet Jesse Jackson and Cliff Arnebeck last night, having the call on speaker). Then while driving back I was ran off the road by two dark blue Suburbans(?), bigger than 4 runners anyway, with dark tinted windows. They came up behind me with their brights on and then one came to the side of me and ran me into the ditch off I-70. I saw as they sped away that one had a Maryland license plate, but in the heat of it all I couldn't get the plate number or even see the plate of the other one. It's becoming apparent to me that someone is not liking what I'm doing. So thank you much cause I truly need the encouraging words.
Katrina Sumner"

12/14/2004 2:09 PM  
Blogger partridge said...

Not really sure if this is the right place to ask - but I can't think of anywhere else. Basically I just want to know will there be a full video/audio stream/download of the ENTIRE HEARING anywhere? I know C-Span showed the full three hours of the first one, but they don't seem to be covering this one. Is there a reason for this anyone know - or anyone know of any plans to, like I said, make a stream/dowload available anywhere else? Or even a full transcript of the session.

So far I've only been able to find Cobbs comments over at breakfornews, and two statements at the Judic. Dems website (they have a full transcript for the first hearing though).


12/14/2004 2:30 PM  
Blogger partridge said...

Heres teh text of Blackwell's letter - for those of you who may not like PDFs (as I don't). If there's spelling errors blame Acrobat for being lame ;)

[list of honorable congresspeople]

Congress of the United States
House of Representatives
Committee on the Judiciary
2138 Raybum House Office Building
Washington, DC 205 15-6216

Dear Representatives:

Thank you for your letter concerning the November 2004 Presidential election in the state of Ohio. Ohio election officials have succeeded in performing their duties with diligence and attention to detail in one of the most closely watched elections in history. We were
prepared for the challenge and have followed Ohio statutes and Constitution as they apply to the election requirements in this state.

As Secretary of State and Chief Elections Officer for Ohio, I have directed my staff to respond to inquiries from the Government Accountability Office and the U. S.
Department of Justice, both of which have been authorized by Congress to assess any alleged violations of the “Help America Vote Act” (hereinafter HAVA) in any state or jurisdiction. Since these entities have the authority and jurisdiction to respond to matters
that relate to enforcement of HAVA, my office will work with them in order to assist in the assessment of any matters, which may be of concern from both the state and federal levels for compliance with applicable laws.

In general, I have the utmost confidence in the integrity of the bipartisan elections officials in Ohio. We are resolved to bring to light any issues of substance that may be necessary to investigate through the officials designated with this responsibility. We are ready to eliminate the myths that may be circulating of unfair or discriminatory treatment of qualified Ohio electors at the polls.

My office will scrupulously review and assist in any matters referred to us by the Government Accountability Office or the Department of Justice in relation to Ohio
election activities. I appreciate the concerns raised by some members of the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on the Judiciary and the interest in reviewing electionissues raised at the state level. However, I strongly believe that Congress has already
designated the Government Accountability Office and the Department of Justice to review election activities and empowered them with the authority to thoroughly
investigate any matters brought forward by Ohio citizens. My office continues to be available to participate as needed in that process.

Thank you again for your letter and I urge you as well to participate as necessary in any efforts directed to your committee by the Department of Justice or the Government Accountability Office, as authorized by Congress.

J. Kenneth Blackwell

12/14/2004 2:46 PM  
Blogger maipenri@yahoo.com said...

Wow. I have to get this off my chest. I'm listening
to AirAmericaRadio right now and Randi Rhodes was on talking to Bev Harris. Randi was asking Harris why she is not returning her calls. So, Harris is saying she hasn't gotten any calls. Randi says she called her at least 3 times and a whole bunch of other people are also trying to get ahold of Harris. Harris says she is not getting any calls. So Randi and Harris get into a "Did" - "Did Not" - "Did" - "Did Not" type of argument regarding whether or not Randi called. Boy, I tell you, when I first read about Obermann not being able to get ahold of Harris and the riff that occurred after that - I wrote Obermann and complained (thinking Harris was in the right). Well, after listening to this interview, I feel Harris has let us all down. I owe Obermann a BIG apology. She sounds either "scatterbrained" or is afraid she may lose some of her "glory" in bringing these injustices to light. After listening to this conversation, I can see why the public would call us names.

12/14/2004 3:43 PM  
Blogger TallahasseeJoe said...

Everybody needs to chill out.

1) The election result ain't gonna be overturned.

2) Allegations of fraud may be proven false, and if we overemphasize them, their could be a backlash against the voting rights movement.

3) Voting rights movement needs to emphasize PREVENTING FUTURE FRAUD rather than PROVING past fraud. The former is a non-partisan issue while the latter is polarizing by nature.

4) In general, we need to slow down and think.

12/14/2004 4:34 PM  
Blogger partridge said...

---2) Allegations of fraud may be proven false, and if we overemphasize them, their could be a backlash against the voting rights movement.---

Yes they might. But then again the may not. But one thing is for certain - a half hearted dilly dally is not going to achieve anything. I for one think that what Brad is doing here is great work - not just with the Curtis story, but with the whole site. And I speak as someone who empathically did *not* endorse Kerry/Edwards in 2004.

---3) Voting rights movement needs to emphasize PREVENTING FUTURE FRAUD rather than PROVING past fraud. The former is a non-partisan issue while the latter is polarizing by nature.---

"We need to prevent future fraud"
"What fraud? What are you talking about - the 2004 elections were free, fair and smooth. Ask Ken Blackwell."
"HAVA fixed everything - whinging liberals are just pissed off they lost."
"Well there was signifcant anomalies in the last election..."
"How come you never said anything about this before, why didn't you kick up a fuss?"

12/14/2004 4:53 PM  
Blogger Ziggyczar said...

I concur with the posting from TallahasseeJoe. The prospects are slim that current investigations will have much impact on the present status of the 2004 election. Our goal is to prevent this in the future, or at the least make it more and more difficult to manipulate the vote through any type of fraud (some people will always find a way.) We're stonger working together. I'm very much aware of Bev Harris, although I don't know her, however, I defend her quest. One person, or one group can only do so much, and the best way to accomplish that is to stay focused; which I think she is doing. If their focus becomes splintered, their efforts might be weakened. That's why we have BradBlog. He's a beacon who points us in many different directions, I think, with hope that each of us will find our own focus, as we examine issues to the greatest extent that we can. Support those who are working for the same goal. There isn't a manual; we're writing it.
So, in TallahasseeJoe's own words "Chill out!"

12/14/2004 5:07 PM  
Blogger maipenri@yahoo.com said...

Well, I for one, think the vote needs to be RIGOROUSLY investigated (and prosecuted if need be). How many more elections need we lose before we take ACTION and DEMAND our rights as citizens of this great country? I am tired of rolling over and playing dead. I think the crimes committed in Ohio need to be revealed while we still have somewhat of a voice. Who knows what new restrictions and laws will be created in the next few years? Right now the interest is a free medium for us to communicate with. What do we do if they somehow restrict its use? Everyday we are losing rights. Sad thing is, I remember years ago when scholars predicted the gradual erosion of our rights... and it's happening right in front of our faces. We have the ability to turn this election around. We should not stop until we are EXHAUSTED... and then put in another 10% after that. We are building a head of steam now, and I for one, feel we are making great progress.

12/14/2004 5:35 PM  
Blogger agitprops said...

#2 "Mr. Curtis's background includes sworn allegations by a former employer, other than YEI, implicating Mr. Curtis in a corrupt and dishonest scheme."

Isn't this when Feeney made the FDOT fire him for reporting Yang's overbilling?

12/14/2004 5:47 PM  
Blogger Ziggyczar said...

Re: Maipenre last post.
I'm completely with you. Specifically defending criticism of Bev Harris; wasn't trying to impede present and future progress. The time is now - or it WILL be too late. Believe me, I'm doing everything I can to get the word out about the irregularities and potential violations of the law. Our strength is in the numbers; literally, whether they are voices, votes, investigations, e-mails, blogs, etc.

12/14/2004 5:51 PM  
Blogger BradF said...

agitprops -

Without tipping my hand, I'll have a *full* response to the YEI statement either this evening or -- at latest -- tomorrow. It will answer your question.

To the rest of the discussion, keep fighting! But where you see dishonesty, untruths, hypocrisy and duplicity, speak up, raise hell, don't be trampled on, and don't - by any stretch of the imagination - assume that anyone but you is going to do something about it!

I'm sorry to disagree with our friend Tallahasse Joe on this point...The Dems tried to play nice and avoid "divisiness" after 2000, and look where it got them.

Stand up for truth, and worry about the effects of telling the truth later.

Sez me.

12/14/2004 5:57 PM  
Blogger agitprops said...

This isn't about flipping enough votes to put Kerry in the White House. Enough has already been proven to show gross malfeasence by the GOP machine in this election.
That should be THE issue for the midterms. It can cast a cloud over every Republican incumbent on the ballot in 2006. This could very well shake out into a sweep of Congress in two years. And then we slow roast Bush over a flaming Judiciary Committee.

The Impeachment Begins Now

12/14/2004 6:06 PM  
Blogger agitprops said...

You da bomb, Brad.

Did you see my post about Ray Lemme being targeted in 1994?

12/14/2004 6:09 PM  
Blogger maipenri@yahoo.com said...

Here! Here!
I think it's interesting to note that when I first read the affidavit on Bradblog about Clint Curtis (a few days ago), I did a Google search and could find NOTHING on his name. Go to Google NOW and search. You will be amazed at how many entries you'll find. Thanks to BRAD!!! Hooray!!!! Hooray!!! Hooray!!! Major kudos to Brad!!!
I get so many emails daily from friends and people I know saying things like, "Gee.. what's with you? You've become so political... who cares about the election? It's over! Get over it. Stop forwarding me this junk!" (Time to find some new friends, I guess.)
It really infuriates me. So, I stopped and asked myself why I am so aggravated with this election? Why am I taking it so personal? I’m not going to lose my job (yet) because of this president.
First of all, I was dumbfounded (good word) that so many people could actually vote for Bush. When I first saw Bush speak in 2000, I laughed... thinking "who in their right mind would vote for such an obvious buffoon… a true, unadulterated oaf… in other words, a BOOB?" I mean – it actually “hurts” my sensibilities to watch him speak. The leader of the Free World and he can barely complete an intelligible sentence. Boy, was I surprised. Shocked. And hurt. Disgusted. Defeated. I guess I just “mis-understimated” him. Then, when I saw the cover page of the magazine in England asking the question "How could so 500 million of people in America be so DUMB?", I felt a little better, but not much.
During the year, I donated money to the Democrats, moveon.org and johnkerry.com. I have NEVER donated money to a campaign in my entire 54 years. I remember how excited I got as I heard on the radio that it looked like a landslide for Kerry. Then, the stuff hit the fan. I mean, why should it surprise me? If they could find veterans to lie outrageously against Kerry, why would they stop playing their filthy, dirty tricks?
And now to hear the Republicans speak like they have won something... to hear Bush claim he has earned political capital... and worse yet, that we, as Democrats, should somehow try to emulate the Republicans and try moving more towards the center... I almost want to puke. Their actions in this election are so despicable, I can cry when I hear them talk about their "family values." And when I watch Bush pray with his eyes closed as thousand of young American die needlessly, I almost believe in Armageddon.
They commit crimes right in the face of the American public, almost thumbing their nose, and we do NOTHING about it!!!!! I almost don't know what's worse... their smug, CONTEMPTIBLE "better than thou" attitude or our country’s blindness? Like sheep being led to the slaughter. Oblivious to it all.
I guess what bothers me the most is the underhandedness in which they operate. The cheap, dirty tricks, juxtaposed against their “high moral values”. . . turning around and trying to make the label “liberal” something we should be ashamed of, instead of shouting it to the hilltops with unbridled joy. Oh I wish John Lennon was still alive.

12/14/2004 6:37 PM  
Blogger Ziggyczar said...

Great post, wonderful rant, inspiring reminder of why we are all here.

12/14/2004 6:53 PM  
Blogger MikeyCan said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

12/14/2004 9:29 PM  
Blogger MikeyCan said...

TallahasseeJoe, ZiggyCzar, are you two on opium? You really expect everyone to relax and "Chill out" along you with you two, cross our fingers, and HOPE that the people who put touch-screen-voting, etc into place decide to play nice-nice and set things right? (If you two were in charge of things in the Ukraine, there would have never been a mass uprising leading to a revote there. Would that have made you happy if you were Ukrainian?)

Can't you see? If we don't raise a HUGE stink about the potential for vote fraud, the guys in control are going to say, "See, nothing went wrong last time. So why should we change voting practices?". Then, four years later, we'll be in the same boat, and you'll be telling us to "Chill out" all over again.

The people in control are not going to wake up and change things unless we STAND TALL, SPEAK STRONG, and NEVER BACK DOWN from our beliefs in a free and verifiable voting system.

Or do you really want America to become like Mexico, where the same political party "magically" held power for over 68 years in a row?

Furthermore, it really doesn't matter if Curtis is telling the truth or not. The point is that WE CAN'T KNOW, because by the new systems we CAN'T DO A MANUAL RECOUNT. There is NO longer a paper trail when it comes to touch-screen voting! If widespread fraud has not happened with this system already, them it is only a matter time before it does. And we will never be able to prove when fraud has or hasn't happened!

Really, it does not take rocket science to add a printer to the touch-screen voting machines, and let us put a printout of our votes in a box, in case a manual recount is needed. Why do you think they neglected to do so? Think hard...


Agitprop: Can you see the irony in your statement about 2006? You are saying that we can punish those guys that may have fraudulently come into power in 2004... by voting them out next... time...?

Tell me, how will you, how CAN you vote them out when your vote is automatically changed by a hidden software program in a central tabulating machine, into a vote for THEM?

America the Free, Rest in Peace.

12/14/2004 9:35 PM  
Blogger TallahasseeJoe said...


I completely agree with you when you say "it really doesn't matter if Curtis is telling the truth or not. The point is that WE CAN'T KNOW, because by the new systems we CAN'T DO A MANUAL RECOUNT. There is NO longer a paper trail when it comes to touch-screen voting! If widespread fraud has not happened with this system already, them it is only a matter time before it does. And we will never be able to prove when fraud has or hasn't happened!"

That is exactly my point - and that is exactly why I am saying that electoral reform advocates should NOT latch on to and associate themselves with allegations such as those Mr. Curtis has made.

If the allegations prove false or even merely unprovable, the advocates who have supported them will be discredited. But the point advocates like Bev Harris of Black Box Voting are making is a valid point EVEN IF NO FRAUD WHATSOEVER HAS TAKEN PLACE SO FAR. Like you said, MikeyCan, "it is only a matter of time."

Now let me be clear: where evidence is available to support a criminal investigation of voter fraud, the charges should be vigorously pursued. Certainly, in my opinion, the FBI should be interviewing Mr. Curtis and Mr. Feeney about Mr. Curtis allegations. But ultimately, it's just Mr. Curtis' word against Mr. Feeney's (as it seems to be), that is not enough to convict anyone! Activists are not going to change that fact.

All activists may be able to do is bring Mr. Curtis' claims into the public eye. That might be good for the electoral reform movement - BUT I SERIOUSLY DOUBT IT.

What I expect would happen if Mr. Curtis claims got mainstream coverage is that he would soon be (fairly or unfairly) "discredited" because of such side issues as the copyright lawsuits against him and the "disgruntled employee" label, etc.) Brad's careful attempts to refute the claims against Mr. Curtis will be of no help. At the end of the day, in the abscence of objective proof, a Congressman has more credibility than an obscure computer programmer with a checkered past. So Mr. Curtis would be labelled a liar and electoral reform advocates would be labelled "conspiracy theorists" (a nonsensical term, of course, but already being used).

Now if you are motivated by an an "objective" journalistic pursuit of truth,none of this will matter to you. You will delve as far as possible into the truth of Mr. Curtis' claims.

But if you are an ACTIVIST, you will accept that you only have limited time and unfortunately you may not have time to figure out whether or what fraud has occurred.

As an activist, you will also think about STRATEGY and realize that all these accusations against Republican officials are DIVISIVE and if we want electoral reform we are going to have to win over quite a few Republicans to our cause. AS LONG AS ELECTORAL REFORM IS SEEN AS A "SOUR GRAPES" ISSUE TOUTED BY "CONSPIRACY THEORISTS", IT IS DEAD IN THE WATER.

I suspect opponents of reform understand this, and the more devious of them may be inclined to spread DISINFORMATION regarding fraud allegations that will then be discredited later, thus potentially discrediting the reform movement itself.

The only way to be immune to this strategy, as well as the "sour grapes" accusation, is to stick the line "We're not saying fraud happened - we're saying it could. It could be done by low level officials and it could be done by Democrats OR Republicans. This is a bipartisan issue and we've got to protect democracy."

Of course, if you have AIRTIGHT evidence of fraud, by all means, publicize it. Anything less is highly suspect.

12/14/2004 10:24 PM  
Blogger Daniel Preece said...

"Chill out" = get over it. So forget THAT nonsense!

We "got over" the 2000 theft and what did it get us? ANOTHER stolen election! (Not to mention an idiot war-monger who spends like a drunken sailor and an America in the toilet right now.)

The major media ran the Swift Boat vets nonsense 24/7--every program, every channel--with FAR less substance than the Curtis story. Why their silence? It's obvious to everyone here.

The ONLY course we have is to scream LOUD AND LONG! Accuse the GOP of everything we can find evidence of! And blast every silent news outlet for its COMPLICITY in this scheme!

Democracy is in jeopardy. The corporations (GOP and major media) are aligned against us. Half the Democrats are either too afraid or too indifferent to act. "Chilling out" will only make these crimes EASIER AND EASIER.

I'm not "chilling out," I'm buying AMMO.

12/14/2004 10:31 PM  
Blogger TallahasseeJoe said...

To summarize my main points about electoral reform advocacy:

1) Electronic voting in its current form is untrustworthy. At minimum, we need open source code and a paper trail.

2)Accusations of fraud should be thorougly investigated and, where evidence permits, vigorously prosecuted, but the results of these investigations would not change the fact that electoral reform is needed.

3) Electoral reform advocates should distance themselves from any allegations of voter fraud AT LEAST until there is AIRTIGHT proof for the allegations.

4) Electoral reform advocates MUST emphasize the nonpartisan nature of this issue in every way possible.

5) Overturning the Bush victory should NOT be a goal of reformers. Having this as a goal just proves you are partisan and not serious about fair elections.

6) There has been absolutely no evidence presented (correct me if I'm wrong) that President Bush was personally involved in any electoral fraud. Therefore it is completely inappropriate to discuss impeaching him. Impeachment would require that the President himself committed "high crimes or misdemeanors" - not simply that such crimes, committed by others, led to his election.

7) If you want to be an ELECTORAL REFORM ADVOCATE, you should not talk about substantive policy issues, or candidate or party preferences, in the context of electoral issues. Doing that makes you look partisan and untrustworthy.

12/14/2004 10:38 PM  
Blogger TallahasseeJoe said...

I realize now I should not have used the phrase "chill out" and that I invited the lambasting I have received.

However, I stand by my points, which I hope I have clarified in my last two comments above.

By "chill out" I do NOT mean giving up or backing down on electoral reform. I intend to devote myself to the electoral reform issue as much as possible until I become convinced that fair elections are taking place (which may be a while!) I intend to back away from substantive policy issues, because if we don't have democratic elections, there is no point in talking about policy anyway - it'll be decided by elites.

But please don't hang all your hopes on reversing the 2004 election. That seems unlikely. We've got to think long term. And I truly believe this is a NON-PARTISAN issue - so let's start talking about it that way.

12/14/2004 10:45 PM  
Blogger louderlouder said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

12/14/2004 10:57 PM  
Blogger BradF said...

I will have some Henry Need time cards posted with my response to YEI's statement on Wednesday. Plus more.

12/15/2004 2:31 AM  
Blogger BradF said...

While I appreciate Tallahassee Joe's comments, I couldn't disagree with him in general any more.

Trust me, nobody is as concerned about, and will do more in the future regarding ELECTION REFORM.

But some of us are not willing to roll over and take one again as we did in 2000. That got us nowhere but where we are now.

He's right, in that it's not a partisan issue. But he's wrong if he thinks that "being nice" translates into bi-partisanship.

That much, at least, has been proven wrong over the last four years.

This is not 2000. And I strongly advocate folks making as much noise as they can about the injustices and irregularities that we have been documenting since November 3rd.

We've got another four years (or at least another two) to win the Election Reform argument. Now is the time for the Election 2004 argument.

I'm neither a Bush nor Kerry voter, but I ain't playing that sweet and safe game anymore, Joe. If you want to see change, instead of lip-service about change, I recommend you stop playing it as well.

12/15/2004 2:37 AM  
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