Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Quick Wednesday Notes from the Dissident Front...

The Greens, Libertarians and -- yes -- Kerry-Edwards 2004 have just added "election tampering" to a civil suit filed against the state of Ohio. The fine folks at RAW STORY have the scoop and the court docs online.

One of several American Heroes of the moment, Rep. John Conyers (D-MI), just finished up on MSNBC's Countdown. We only caught the last few minutes in which Conyers said in regards to their hearings on Ohio Election Irregularities that not a single Republican member of the Judiciary Committee had time to join; "The fact that Republicans didn't join us isn't our's their fault."

Hear, hear, Mr. Conyers.

We hope to post a link to the full video interview which discussed a number of the latest Ohio concerns when our friends at make it available (hint, hint)! UPDATE Here's the video link! Apparently Conyers is calling for an FBI investigation into the Triad incident!

ANOTHER UPDATE: Looks like C&L has now posted the Cliff Arnebeck interview from yesterday Hannity & Colmes on Fox "News"(!) -- I guess I wasn't dreaming last night.

And, for a refreshing change of pace, there's this delightfully-not-life-and-death nor democracy-collapsing story of the couple in Madison County Ohio who, apparently, voted twice on Election Day after learning their absentee ballots were not to be found on Election Day.

They were found soon after. And now, the $2.2 million London School Districts levy initiative, which lost by a single vote, may hang in the balance as Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur and Betty France -- who voted against -- decide if they will withdraw two of their votes.

We thank our Email tipster from a Clear Channel station (yes, Clear Channel) in Columbus, Ohio for sharing the story.

Apparently, each single vote still makes the difference to at least some parts of this crazy world. An idea that a few of us democracy-lovin' dissidents have been suggesting for quite a while.


Blogger said...

Oh my GOD! It is so hard for me to believe
this. How stupid do they think we are?????
You MUST read this:

12/15/2004 8:51 PM  
Blogger Jude Nagurney Camwell said...

You never cease to amaze.
You're doing tremendous work here.
Thank you.


12/16/2004 8:09 AM  
Blogger jon_with_no_h said...

I wrote to Fox about that Hannity interview. What a bunch of garbage! Fair and balanced... baloney! Of course, we already knew that.

12/16/2004 8:26 AM  
Blogger Dredd said...


I just contacted Judiciary as follows:

To: The Honorable Committee on the Judiciary

Mr. Chairman,

Many citizens are disturbed that many on the committee are ignoring the serious evidence and allegations about the shameful situation in the state of Ohio.

Hearings have been scheduled there about serious vote problems ... the foundation of our republic ... and many on the committee are ignoring it.

This kind of crime is deplorable (18 USC 1030) ... there is sworn testimony already that Triad and Diebold are modifying computer internals during recount without specification of 1) what is really being done; 2)who ordered it to be done; and 3) why it must be done.

Please get this under control by full committee hearings in public.


You can do the same at:

12/16/2004 1:46 PM  
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