Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Brad on Alex Jones Radio Show Thursday Morning...

I'm currently scheduled to discuss the Clint Curtis story on the Alex Jones radio show tomorrow morning (Thursday) during the 11am PT (2pm ET) hour.

The live web stream for the show, if you are inclined to listen, can be heard via one of these links...

  • Main Live Stream

  • Secondary Live Stream

  • AM Affilliate list, Shortwave options and links to RealPlayer or WinAmp downloads as needed

  • UPDATE: I believe the interview went well enough. About 30 minutes. I'll try and post the audio here shortly.

    UPDATE 12/10/04: I appeared again on Jones' show this morning at his request while Bev Harris of was the official guest. Details on that appearance and her reaction to my response to her statements on Curtis, all now posted here.


    Blogger understandinglife said...

    Brad, I realize the "Curtis story" is important, but I would hope you will consider spending a few moments in the interview focusing on an historical event -- Congressman Conyers' "8 December 2004 forum."

    What began today must quickly transcend partisan.

    The Alliance for Democracy is not partisan.

    The partnership forged between Rev Jackson and Mr Arnebeck is not partisan.

    Please, everyone, our American franchise of Democracy is at the brink of destruction.

    The one way, likely the only way, we can save the rights written with the blood of 2 centuries of those dedicated to expanding the ideals of our Constitution is immediately and vigorously to reach out to all our fellow citizens.

    Remember just how many Republicans of stature endorsed Senator Kerry; even before the election they fully understood the threat to our franchise.

    What the media is not yet reporting to our fellow citizens is the severity of the crisis. We are at war -- A war in Iraq, as totally unjust and unjustified as Vietnam, but still a war declared by Mr Bush.

    Our Constitution is rather explicit about acts that even attempt to undermine our Government during time of war. What has been done to the electoral process in 2004, already documented, is as severe an act of undermining our Government as any could be -- a systematic denial of citizens' choosing that Government.

    Our media has the responsibility to bring the truth about our Government to full exposition for the elucidation of the citizens of our franchise. But, as of when I write these comments, our media has largely missed the fact that at Congressman Conyers' session today 'the horse left the barn today and it is not going back in.' Please consider how you can use a few minuntes tomorrow to encourage the media that it needs, quickly to become significant partner in saving our American franchise of Democracy or it will be but a bit player in chronicling its demise.

    We need to adopt, quickly, a true, impassioned and constant message to everyone, not just 'Democrats,' -- this is not about Kerry or Bush. Neither of them can 'win' because in a democracy the only winners are the people and the people only 'win' when they all have fair access to vote and to the knowledge -- not belief, but knowledge -- that their vote was counted as they intended.

    For you Brad and for any who read this comment and have so very much more stature, influence and resources than I will ever have, please, please focus on the threat confronting all of us -- we are in the midst of a Constitutional crisis while also in a state of declared war. Spending time on anything other than gathering every one of our friends, neighbors, associates and bringing all of our collective energy to a focus on this crisis is what must be done, now.

    Forget the future of the DNC, forget 2006, forget social security, forget all of it -- if we don't save our American franchise of democracy now, all those other issues are of zero reality. We will be living in a totalitarian, theocratic state and will be struggling for generations to find our way back to what was achieved at Independence Hall in 1787 and approved by 1789.


    "Did Bush Know?"

    12/08/2004 10:08 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    To the previous poster, understandinglife:

    Bravo … noble thoughts and well written.

    I'm one of those dumass lefties who cried during Kerry's concession speech. That's probably enough said.

    For a fully fair investigation of voting fraud and Curtis’ allegations, yes, of course, idealogically, one would hope to transcend the partisan aspects of this story.

    Get real tho … ain’t gonna happen in the near future. Smear, mud, dodging and politics as usual will prevail.

    To BradBlog:

    Well done. Balanced and real. This is an interesting and important story.

    Thanks for your work.

    12/08/2004 11:17 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    It made me sad when Bev Harris did an Alex Jones interview, but I thought "If Ann Coulter can do it, what the hell?" Still, I hate to see this thing associated with that guy, right wing, fundie that he is; King with an Aluminum Foil Crown. I know that if I want to find the truth, it's usually wrapped in a lie... that's disinformation. Most people don't know that and I hate to see your credibility injured. You have tons of credibility with me, wary as you've been regarding the Madsen story. BTW, thanks for being yourself and doing what you do.

    Is it just me or did Jeff Fisher look like someone crashing off a Manic Run? Dude, I think he's losin' it.

    12/08/2004 11:43 PM  
    Blogger understandinglife said...

    Good morning 'anonymous' responder to my comment, up-thread.

    Unfortunately, I'm one of those genetically-impaired individuals who are incapable of 'getting real,' 'moving on,' or 'getting over it' -- in situations where I perceive something of great value being threatened with extinction, as is the current situation regarding the American franchise of democracy. Guess that's also why I became an MD, many years ago.

    So, I've dedicated myself to being an enormous pain in the butt until no hope of halting the invalid, un-Constitutional, and illegal national election of 2004 remains. If the representatives of the 'more perfect union,' i.e., 'we the people' do not do their sworn duty and refuse, on 6 Jan 2005, to certify the current national election then our franchise of democracy is over. At that moment we will have certainly certified to the world, as well as to all of us in the USA who understand what a democracy is, that it is over for America.

    That's just the way it is and I can't get any more 'real' in my efforts, as humble and under-resourced as they are, to attempt to save our franchise of democracy.

    Hey, that's what it supposed to be about, anyway - right? 'We the people' ?

    Thank you for your comments.


    12/09/2004 9:58 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Alex Jones is a "conservative" and yes he's obviously religious, but he's a good source for real news that the crooks of the world are doing. The way he gives it to both sides of the political spectrum, along with those above them pulling the strings, is unmatched.

    As for Bev Harris, that wonderful woman was a regular on his show long before other shows gave her the time of day. I recall her on there in late 2002/early 2003 screaming about the upcoming electronic vote fraud after she got the dirt on Diebold. All this stuff about vote fraud, the patriot acts, RFID tags, national IDs, etc that congress is pushing through is old news to Jones' listeners. 4 years ago people called him a kook. Now that a lot of the stuff he has reported on is coming to pass, he's still branded a kook. Funny. Republicans love him when he exposes people like Clinton but hate him when he exposes Bush et al (W apparently had him kidnapped after he confronted him at a speech W was doing while Gov. of Texas). Democrats love him when he rants about the current administration, but then hate him when he talks about how equally evil their precious Clintons and UN are, to name a few.

    There are things that I don't like about him I'll admit, but once again, if you're looking for hard news with documents to back it up, he's a good source. He claims not to be psychic or some big "insider", but rather just reads the publicly available government documents and plans that 99.9% of the population will never bother to seek out and read.

    12/09/2004 12:00 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I just finished listening to the interview. Interesting, but nothing new.

    12/09/2004 12:51 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Just a quick question.

    What about Curtis' unsubstantiated claim that his dog was shot after the affidavit was given.

    You were the one that reported it.

    You appeared on DemocraticUndergroung to answer questions but when asked to prove it your reply was rather shocking.

    You told a DU'er that a police report had been filled and if the member didn't believe you he should check it out HIMSELF.


    If you later retract having been told by Curtis the dog had been shot does the story take a hit considering you broke it?

    If you sticks to the story and don't prove it how can anyone serious accept ANY of this.


    12/09/2004 5:02 PM  
    Blogger BradF said...

    A police report has, as I've said, been filed on the case.

    I am very aware of security issues at this time, and do not wish to divulge publicly any information about Mr. Curtis' whereabouts, etc.

    For those who continue to be suspicious, of course, they may check with police authorities.

    I have posted additional detail (though left out various identifying matters) on this in an article I just published which answers many such questions.

    As always, I will tell you what I know, and what I have learned, as long as it neither jeopardizes the safety of the individuals involved, the confidence of sources who have asked to remain unidentified at this time, or the integrity of the ongoing official investigation.

    12/09/2004 6:38 PM  

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