Friday, December 10, 2004

AP: Election Doubts Persist...

ALSO: House Judiciary Dems to hold Hearings Monday in Ohio!

Some non-Curtis/Feeney/Yang news briefly...

"We definitely did not have a glitch-free election," said [U.S. Elections Assistance Committee] chairman DeForest Soaries Jr., a Bush appointee in what may be entitle him to the BRAD BLOG Understatement-of-the-Year Award!

It's from an AP item just hitting the wires headlined "Doubts Persist About the Election" which summarizes a lot of the more well-known problems with Election 2004 that regular BRAD BLOG readers are certainly well familiar with by now.

Also, of note, this quote from a Democrat in California (I am pointing to this in particular because I know that there are quite a few big time DNC'ers currently following this blog! Ignore this man's words at your own peril!):

"If the Democratic leadership doesn't step up, why do they think that the activists on the ground - the people who collected millions of dollars, made phone calls and registered people to vote - would do it again in 2008?" said Don Goldmacher of the Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club of Oakland, Calif.

RELATED...The U.S. House Judiciary Dems are today announcing an election forum they are holding this Monday in Ohio to be lead by ranking minority leader on the committee, Rep. John Conyers. At the Ohio State Capitol's "North Hearing Room", Monday morning at 10:30am. Official announcement to be posted shortly at the House Dems website.

A source inside the Dem Judiciary Committee confirms that "events on the ground in Ohio are moving quickly and the House Judiciary Committee is too."

UPDATE: I've just received this via email from a Judiciary Committee aide:

"Location change -- columbus city council chambers -- apparently republican leaders in Ohio got word of the meeting and denied the request for a room. So much for an open democracy. We'll have this on the steps if we have to.

More kudos to the Dems on the House Judiciary Committee for putting up the good fight! Would that more Dems in the House and Senate (and the DNC!) demonstrated the kind of stubborn tenacity and care for the U.S. Constitution that the House Dems have shown over the past week or so!


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